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Baryte or Baryte (BaSO4) is a mineral consisting of barium sulfate. It is commonly found to be colorless or milky white, but can be almost of any color, depending on the impurities trapped in the crystals during their formation. Baryte is a relatively soft mineral withMoh’s scale of hardness being equal to 3-3.5. Baryte is chemically inert, insoluble and unusually heavy for a non-metallic mineral. The high density is responsible for its value in many applications.



In the papermaking industry, high-refined and ground Barytes powder has been used as the filling for white paperboard since itenhances the whiteness of the product.

Pigments & Coatings

Due to its high lightness it is used in high-quality top coats, primers and pigments. This product enhances hiding-power and permits partial replacement of expensive pigments, significantly improving the efficiency of paint and coating systems. It is also applied in automobile industry providing smooth and corrosion resistant coatings, friction products for automobiles and trucks. It is highly effective in providing chemical resistance to the walls and smoothness to the undercoats.It is insoluble in water, has high refractive index, high resistance to acids and alkalies and high bulk density which makes it all the more useful in the paint industry.

Glass & Ceramics

Radiation shields and glass ceramics.

Plastics & Rubber

Barytes mineral is widely used in plastic industry. It is used as the filling of plastic ABC to create beautiful colorful plastics. It is also very effective in improving the stiffness, intensity and abrasive strength to it thereby making it stronger in strength and beautiful in appearance. In rubber industry, the products less than 500 mesh can be used as the filling of rubber products to save cost. It can improve the intensity, and acid, alkali, and water proof, and also has benefit for the Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber.


It is also preferred to use in road line paint, floor coverings as it has high mechanical strength features.

Food & Fodders

Baryte has beenappliedin the production of barium hydroxide usedin sugar refining.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Baryte is very popular in the cosmetics industry because of its gentle and mild effect on the skin. It is a wonderful substitute to titanium dioxide widely used in the cosmetics for its white and gentle texture harmless to the skin.

Medicine / Pharmaceuticals

Baryte is also used in pharmaceutical industry. It is used as barium meal material for the intestines and stomach reflections. Another important usage of Barytes in pharmaceutical industry includes the usage for filling of plaster and dope in order to extend the time limit of the plaster. It is also used in diagnostic medical tests. Barytes are also very effective in blocking x-rays and gamma-rays emission.Medical applications (for example, a barium meal before a contrast CAT scan).

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